Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Resolution!

I am deciding that I am bad at keeping up with my blog. I keep telling myself that I will update but after how many monthes of neglect I cannot be in denial any longer. I am a terrible blogger!! It is emabarrassing!!

This year is going to be different. I want to make changes this year and for my New Year's resolution, I will do better at maintaining my blog.

Last Year was a fabulous year for me and I did not even write about it. I headed out to Utah for a wonderful visit with family. I got to see a brother and sister I haven't seen in almost 17 years. (It is actually his birthday today). Happy Birthday Jacob!

I also got to meet a brother-in-law and sister-in-law and they are really great. We would stay up late talking to everyone and just catching up. It seemed like no time had passed. It was great. I sure did enjoy meeting their spouses and beautiful children.

Another highlight of the summer was seeing my grandmother and introducing her to my children. She did not remember me but she was very pleasant and enjoyed the visit and attention. Sometimes it seemed as if she was remembering. She couldn't remember other family visits but I know she has been visited regularly by many family members. My sisters, who was there with me, suggested we paint her nails so that she will remember our visit. We pulled out red nail polish and pink polish and she definately wanted the red. I definately take after her.

I really liked our Utah visit and I really love our family. We definately want to move there to be closer to my family and husband's family. I have some great in-laws! We tried to visit with all of them before the trip was up and the time flew by. We were always heading out to someone elses home. I got to see more family than what I was expecting. When I went out there, I found out that I had an aunt that was getting married. When I attended her reception, I got to see so many of my mom's siblings and cousins of mine that I hadn't seen in years.

Family means alot to me and it was good to see everyone.

The best thing that happened last year was the birth of my 6th baby. The baby was due a couple of days after my mom's birthday. I really wanted to have my baby born on that day and was surprised that I went into labor the day before and had him that very next morning on her day. It just so happened that we had the baby blessed on my mother-in-law's birthday.

It was a busy year for us. It was all wonderful!