Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another pet?

He followed me home mom!
Can I keep him?

My son R found a parakeet on our basketball hoop and ran to get his sister. My oldest daughter J thought she could get it down by using a big stick. Of course the bird flew into the tree. My daughter ran into the house to get the bread to lure the bird down. The bird flew down at her and she screamed throwing the bread away. The bird still tried to land on her but she was so scared. My dh came home at that time and started calling for it trying to coax the bird. The bird then flew down and landed on his head. He then flew on my daughter J's shoulder. We walked around the neighborhood asking if anyone lost a parakeet. No luck! The bird is a sweet bird. It was obviously loved by its owner. I was surprised how gentle he is and easy he is to handle. It will be bittersweet when the owner comes looking for him. Meanwhile, we will really enjoy having him as a pet. We did go out and purchase the things needed to take care of him. We named him Saphirra (Saphirro if its a boy). I don't know if he is a boy or not. I am glad we found him because of so many hawks and eagles where we live. A bright colored bird is easy target.
What an exciting day at our house!!


mjs said...

Wow! It sounds like you all had quite an adventure today. That was so fun to hear about the bird and how tame it is. It liked J just like we all do. It's a beautiful bird. Thanks for letting us know about it and for the pictures.

mjs said...

I also wanted to say that's pretty special to have a bird follow you home. Our kids only had cats and dogs follow them home.

Carol said...

Hey there! I followed your profile and found you have a family blog now too. Great! I love it!I hope you don't mind me taking a peek. So you're awesome and thanks for the nice comments.
I love the bird. It sounds like mom's dream come true. Did she ever tell you about wanting to catch a bird as a little girl?
Love you guys!