Saturday, April 12, 2008


It is 3 in the morning and I can't sleep. I have this huge headache and have had fever dreams all night. Its all because I was playing basketball with my son after school. I have my keys on a spiral coil keychain, much like the keychain picture I uploaded. I have that kind of keychain so that I can have my keys on my wrist which frees up a hand when I am carrying babies. I have a bright neon green one to help me find the keys because I am always losing them, but thats another story. As I was playing basketball with my boy, I lifted my hands to block. As I did this, my keys swung up and smacked me right in my face. I now have a big welt (which I will not show you because of my vanities), and I have a huge headache which leads me to writing in a blog at 3 in the morning! I am hoping my fever dreams are a result in my headache and not of me getting the flu. Yesterday, at school, my youngest daughter went to the office because she wasn't feeling well. I picked her up and walked her to the car. Right before she stepped into our minivan, she lost it. Thank heavens it was before she came into the car. She was so sick. I am so scared I am going to get sick too. My poor child, I tried not to touch her as much as possible. My dh will be gone this next week and I need my health. I asked my little one if she could take care of herself or if she needed a mommy. She repled that she really needed a mommy. I totally understand. There is so many times that I just really need a mommy too! Maybe now that I wrote in my blog, I can get back to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are not feeling well and little Sunbeam too. Hope your head is feeling better today. Wish I could be their to help. Playing basketball sounds fun. That was so sweet what S said. Does that make you feel loved?
We love you too!.

Carol said...

I hope you're feeling better. Nothing like a conk on the head to wake you up.

The stomach flu totally stinks.

Carol said...

litterally and figuratively