Monday, April 21, 2008


Last year, we got a deck put in. It has been wonderful. The only problem is, they tore up our yard when they built it, (which is what we expected). Since we put in the deck, our backyard has gotten much more use. Unfortunately, we have had more dirt being tracked in because of the torn apart backyard. My dh and I put down seed with all intentions of keeping the yard moist to get the most of our seed. Unfortunately, everything has been sooo busy and hard. Several times I have seen the soil dry. Each time I had to leave to deal with more important things, saddened by the lost investment that we put into it. Each time, I went to bed only to hear the rythmic beatings of the rain. I have felt that God has made up for my shortages. Of course as it rained all yesterday and today, I couldn't help be so grateful for the small miracles in our lives.

This is our deck and as you can see (under the leaves), our grass is gone!

This is our new grass, only because God sent the rain.

Of course when I think of the many small miracles in our daily lives, I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the many big miracles in my life.


Carol said...

The deck looks great! and that's so neat about the grass. We've been trying to seed some areas of our lawn too. It's a big pain.

mom said...

Your deck looks great, I bet you all really enjoy it. Hope everyone is well. R Happy Birthday!
Love you all